Square Enix concept — Alberto Escolano
Alberto Escolano
UI, Visual & Product Designer

Square Enix concept

UI, Visual design

Square Enix

UI & VISUAL DESIGN | User journey

Participating in a Design Sprint exercise for Square Enix, as part of a wider team including a UX designer, product owners and stake-holders, with the objective to come up with a way of pushing content and updates to fan gamers in a innovative way. Our proposal consisted in an app, delivering news, updates and game releases in a conversational way, where the user is always in charge of the content he wants to receive, in an interactive and funny way.

The challenge.

After some initial research in how gaming publishers, online game retailers and gaming companies in general, manage user profiles, push content and deal with news, events and, new digital content, we discovered that they all have something in common. They all have an old fashion way of letting users know about new products, releases, updates or new features, and the methods of making revenue through digital content lacked innovation, and there was room for improvement.

Our solution.

Gamification. We decided to enhance this experience through the use of gamification. Tailoring the content that the user receives according to his profile in the Square Enix platform, by rewarding content sharing and, providing the user with credits, exchangeable digital goods and even experience points in their favourite games. We proposed an app that used a conversational UI interface to deliver this content, where the user is in control of what kind of products he is interested in with a new and different approach.