HiP Property — Alberto Escolano
Alberto Escolano
UI, Visual & Product Designer

HiP Property

Concept, Interaction, Prototyping, UI, Visual Design


UI & Visual Design | Interaction | Prototyping

HiP is creating the world's first decentralised debt and equity exchange, using smart contracts and blockchain technology, in order to unlock the trapped capital in the world's biggest asset class - property. This will create a new kind of bank account where property is wealth.


The Project

As a visual and UI designer, I was brought into the project to help establish a visual direction to represent the project needs. The project consisted of an initial discovery phase, working directly with the client through a design sprint, validating propositions, personas, and define which journeys we should further develop and convert into interactive prototypes.


The discovery

Among the different personas, we identified the pain points of two primary users, the first time buyer and the investor. We came up with a series of ideas and visual representations to help users understand the whole process, as one of the pain points in the first time buyers was the lack of an effective way and plain vocabulary to communicate to those first time, non-expert buyers.


Visual art direction

The whole visual concept was simple, the depth. The different layers of information and how deep you could go into a subject. Because the investment, equity loans, and blockchain is already a very complicated and complex process, the client had very clear instruction on this, different layers of information. We tried to pull out the main and most important information and bring it upfront, allowing users to dive deep into a topic through different layers and depth of field if they want to find out more.


The outcome

After four weeks of hard work, discovery, validation, and reiterations, we came up with two different prototypes, made entirely in Principle, one for mobile and one for desktop. Fully interactive prototypes that the client would use to pitch the idea and concept to investors around in events and conferences.